What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry was created in 2017 in response to the mounting challenges of counterfeit goods and unauthorized sellers on Amazon’s marketplace. As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon’s open marketplace transformed direct to consumer selling for manufacturers and entrepreneurs around the world.  It created an opportunity for millions of sellers to list and sell their products online. While this model allowed a diverse range of products and competitive pricing, it also opened the door to significant issues related to intellectual property infringement, brand misrepresentation, and counterfeiting. Amazon Brand Registry by Amazon helps brand owners protect their intellectual property and creates a more accurate and trusted experience for customers on the platform.

What’s Required to Apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry is like securing a VIP pass for your products on Amazon. Here’s what you need to qualify for Amazon Brand Registry:

  1. Current or Pending Trademark: You’ll need an active U.S. registered trademark or pending trademark application for your brand on the Principal Trademark Register.
  2. International Trademarks: If you’re selling internationally or based outside of the U.S., you can have a registered or pending trademark application in one of these eligible countries for Amazon Brand Registry.
  3. Type of Trademark: The trademark for your brand must be in the form of a text-based mark (word mark) or an image-based logo mark with words, letters, or numbers. To qualify for Amazon Brand Registry, your trademark must exactly match the brand name on the Amazon Brand Registry application and on your trademark record. Amazon is very strict about this.
  4. Supplemental Register Exclusion: Please note that trademarks registered on the USPTO Supplemental Register do not qualify for Amazon Brand Registry. For more information on the Supplemental Register, please visit our blog.
  5. Trademarking Assistance: Navigating the trademark application process can be complex. Our team of experienced trademark attorneys can help you get started. We’ve successfully assisted hundreds of Amazon sellers with their Amazon Brand Registry trademark process. And despite common misconceptions, you’re not required to work with the Amazon IP Accelerator. You can hire and work with any attorney of your choice.

Four Steps to Get Started on Amazon Brand Registry

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

  1. Enhanced Brand Protection: Amazon provides tools to search for and report unauthorized sellers, giving Amazon Brand Registry sellers stronger protection against infringement.
  2. Accurate Brand Representation: You, as a brand owner, will have more control over product detail pages to ensure accurate and consistent information.
  3. Access to Brand-Specific Features: Your product will be eligible for A+ Content, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon Stores, which can improve customer engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Better Search Tools: As an Amazon Brand Registry seller, you’ll have access to advanced search tools for content that may infringe on your brand, such as images or texts.
  5. Early Protection: Registering your trademark while your application is pending (using your trademark serial number) protects you from infringement by new products entering the marketplace.

Why Work With Our FlatFee Trademark Attorneys For Amazon Brand Registry?

Our team of experienced trademark attorneys specialize in one thing and one thing only – trademarks. For more than 17 years, the attorneys at FlatFeeTrademark have been working with entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises to protect their trademarks. We’ve worked with thousands of clients to secure their trademark registrations at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and internationally. We continue working with our clients for many years to maintain and enforce their trademark portfolios. From cosmetics and supplements, to books, toys and clothing, we work with clients across all industries for their Amazon Brand Registry process.

All of our services are provided by licensed trademark attorneys and our exceptional client service is bar none. Our team of trademark attorneys have years of trademark registration experience and a wealth of knowledge that extends well beyond just qualifying for Amazon Brand Registry. We are committed to protecting your brand name and ultimately, your business.

Contact Us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with one of our trademark attorneys. We’re happy to answer your questions on Amazon Brand Registry or any other trademark matters.

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