Trademark attorney Keesonga Gore and trademark attorney Serena Minott founded Flat Fee Trademark  for one simple purpose. To provide quality, professional trademark registration services by experienced trademark attorneys at affordable flat fee prices.

Our trademark attorneys have over twenty-four years of combined experience in trademark law and intellectual property protection. We provide every client personalized, professional legal service that meets or exceeds that which you would find with larger commercial law firms. We are a trademark law firm for the 21st century.

All of our trademark attorneys are graduates of Top-20 U.S. law schools (Georgetown University and George Washington University) and started their legal careers in Washington D.C. at some of the largest law firms in the country.

We bring this range of experience and expertise to work for you through our online trademark registration service at Flat Fee Trademark.

Why Hire an Experienced Trademark Attorney

When we started Flat Fee Trademark in 2008, there were primarily two options available to register your trademark, these were either through hiring a trademark attorney or without hiring a trademark attorney.

One was to work with a local trademark attorney who would charge exorbitant hourly fees to search your trademark and then additional fees to prepare and file the trademark application.

The other was to hire a document-preparation service to “zoom” through your trademark paperwork without so much as a glance from a trademark attorney or other qualified legal professional.

US Trademark Attorney Serena Minott

Serena Minott

Trademark Attorney Keesonga Gore

Keesonga Gore











The USPTO Registration Process

Trademark law in the United States is complicated.  It may appear straightforward, but the trademark application process is subject to specific regulations, unique filing requirements and is strictly administered by the USPTO and its team of trademark Examiners.

Using a Trademark Attorney Can Reduce Costly Errors

There are a myriad possibilities for mistakes with the trademark search and application process that could result in the USPTO refusing registration of your trademark so there are several distinct advantages to working with a trademark attorney, not least of which is to reduce costly errors and expenses during the trademarking process.

As a part of our Comprehensive Trademark Search & Application Package, our attorneys conduct an in-depth search of your trademark name or logo design, reviews your trademark search for potential conflicts and then prepares an Attorney Opinion Letter that explains your search results and how they may affect your registration process at the USPTO.

Flat Fee Trademark is not a Trademark Attorney Referral Service

Our trademark attorneys personally prepare every trademark application. Legal advice and counsel for you every step of the way to obtain the most comprehensive legal protection for your trademark. Flat Fee Trademark reduce the number of erroneous trademark applications filed by entrepreneurs and start-ups that can least afford to waste precious time and resources on simple mistakes during the trademark process.

It’s Cost Effective Hiring a Trademark Attorney

With help from one of our experienced trademark attorneys it can cost less to register your trademark.

Working with a trademark attorney from Flat Fee Trademark, you can trust we will handle your trademark application in a timely, professional manner from start to finish. Additional fees can be avoided by working with a trademark attorney from the outset

Using a Trademark Attorney Minimizes Risk of USPTO Refusal

If the USPTO refuses registration the Examiner will issue an Office Action against your application resulting in you having to file a response to overcome the Examiner’s findings or if the USPTO refuses registration of your mark for any reason, the fees paid are non-refundable.

Get your trademark protected by contacting us for a free consultation on (800) 769-7790 with a trademark attorney today.

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